Applications for enrolment take place all year round, however parents/carers seeking enrolment for their child into Kindergarten or Year 7 should note that enrolments are taken during Term 1 in the year proceeding the starting year. The completed Enrolment Application should be forwarded to the school of choice by the end of Term 1.

Most schools interview families during Term 2 and offers of enrolment are made at the end of Term 2. Where there are insufficient places available, parents may elect to remain on a prioritised waiting list.

An Enrolment Package, including the Diocesan Policy and Enrolment Form, can be obtained from any Catholic Primary or Secondary School or they can be downloaded from the links below.

School Fees 2017

After careful consideration and consultation, Bishop Peter Ingham has approved a recommendation from the Director of Schools to increase Primary and Secondary tuition fees by 5% for the 2017 school year. This moderate increase has been applied in line with annual cost increases due to inflation and rises in educational costs.

There are three levels of annual fees to be paid:

Annual Tuition Fees 2017

Click here to view the Diocesan School Fee Management Policy.

Annual Building Contributions 2017

Primary Schools

The Parish School Enhancement and Debt Servicing Obligation (SEDSO) is the annual Building and Maintenance levy for Catholic Primary Schools. Bishop Ingham has approved a recommendation from the Parish Central SEDSO Council to raise the SEDSO levy for 2017 to $875 per family.

Secondary Schools

The Secondary Building Contribution Levy is determined annually and income from the levy contributes to the capital and maintenance costs of secondary school buildings and facilities. For 2017 the Secondary Building Contribution Levy is $850 per student, per annum.

A 50% sibling discount on the Building Levy applies for the 2nd child enrolled in the school and a full 100% sibling discount on the Building Levy applies for the 3rd (and for any additional children). Sibling discounts do not apply across schools.

Please note that families enrolling a child in a systemic school in the Diocese of Wollongong are still required to pay the full building contribution levy even if they have another child enrolled at a non-systemic school in the Diocese of Wollongong or a child in any Catholic school in another Diocese.

School-based Service Fees

There will be some other school fees such as resources, subject, excursion and sports fees. These vary from school to school and are explained at the time of enrolment.

School Fee Payment Arrangements

School Fees are generally due thirty (30) days after accounts are issued, however schools offer a variety of methods of payment and flexible repayment terms to provide families with support to meet their commitments.

Payment methods include BPay, Direct Debit, Centrepay, Credit Card, Cash, Cheque and EFTPOS.

Payments can be arranged on weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedules at no extra cost. The following school fee calculator will assist determine the various repayment amounts: http://www.dow.catholic.edu.au/fee_calculator.html

To facilitate this flexibility families are asked to complete a Diocesan School Fee Arrangement application form to advise the school of their intended payment option. These forms will be available each year with the annual fee invoice/statement or upon request from the school office.

Fee Concessions – Families in Genuine Financial Hardship

While enrolment carries an obligation to pay all School Fees and Levies, Catholic Social Teaching and the Gospel imperative of a 'preferential option for the poor' means that our practice in the Diocese of Wollongong has always been to find a place for families who support its Catholic ethos and are seeking a Catholic education for their child. Families experiencing genuine financial hardship are eligible for assistance via fee concessions.

Our working definition of genuine financial hardship is…a situation where a family is unable, reasonably, because of illness, unemployment or other reasonable cause, to discharge their financial obligations to pay school fees, rather than an unwillingness or reluctance to do so. Financial hardship can be of limited or long term duration.

A Parent/Carer experiencing genuine financial hardship and who is unable to pay school fees is urged to approach the Principal who will respond to their situation with care and sensitivity. Early communication with the school regarding a family's financial situation is essential. Please be assured that your situation will be treated with absolute discretion and confidentiality and an appropriate fee concession arrangement may be made with you.

Please note that no student will be denied a Catholic education because of a family's genuine financial hardship.

Further details regarding Fee Concession arrangements are included in the Diocesan School Fee Management Policy.

Enrolment Policies and Application Forms